We produce our own Vegetable
Oils in Lérida (Spain).

We produce our own Vegetable Oils in Lérida (Spain).

The extensive experience of our team, along with our focus on client-oriented research and development
are key to our success.

Formulation services in all Business Units to improve any challenge faced by our customers.
We produce, among others, our own Vegetable and Essential Oils in Artesa de Lérida.
Analytical and application laboratory
Especially for the Food & Feed and Beauty & Personal Care Business Units. Located in the Artesa de Lérida production plant to ensure the quality and traceability of all our products, and to be able to provide more value to our customers.
Spray-Drying (Atomisation)
At Artesa de Lérida we have an atomiser that allows us to carry out spray-drying.
Custom made formulations and packing
We work according to customer requirements to adapt each product to their particular needs.