Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Policy

The activity of PLIMON GLOBAL SLU is the production and distribution of raw materials and ingredients for the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. 

PLIMON GLOBAL SLU addresses a very competitive market, both in the European Union and worldwide. This implies the need and the will to adapt to modernisation, to the change of management systems and to the integration of people with a common objective.

With this perspective, PLIMON GLOBAL, S.L.U., is concerned with consolidating its position in the market in the short, medium, and long term, based on the professionalism of its team and the efficiency of its organisation, always in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

The objective of the Quality, Environment and Food Safety Policy of PLIMON GLOBAL SLU is to consolidate this reality, always improving the service and attention to the requirements of our customers and the safety of the products supplied. To this end, objectives are periodically defined and customer satisfaction is evaluated, based on the development of continuous improvement programmes based on the reviews carried out of the system and environmental protection.

PLIMON GLOBAL SLU undertakes to maintain the Integrated Management System (hereinafter, SGI) implemented according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. Likewise, PLIMON GLOBAL SLU assumes the commitment to the food safety culture through the dissemination of the policy, training, definition of responsibilities and measurement of performance with the maintenance of the IFS Broker and FAMI-QS food safety standards, with the Management declaring the commitment to compliance by ALL STAFF OF THE ORGANISATION with the guidelines defined in this system. PLIMON GLOBAL SLU assesses the environment and context of the organisation, the needs and expectations of the interested parties and has a risk and opportunity management process. We consider the life cycle of our products/services as well as compliance with the requirements defined for each of them, in terms of safety, quality, legality, process and product specification.

PLIMON GLOBAL establishes protocols to detect possible FOOD FRAUD by suppliers, based on the deliberate introduction into the market of food products of a nature not agreed or defined to obtain an economic benefit, thus constituting a detriment to PLIMON GLOBAL and its stakeholders. It also establishes FOOD DEFENSE strategies to protect the supply chain from the act of intentionally introducing harmful agents into the food chain.

PLIMON GLOBAL is committed to guaranteeing purity and conformity with the principles of the HALAL standard in certified products and services. Ensuring transparency, accountability and stakeholder satisfaction in these products. 

PLIMON GLOBAL SLU complies with regulations and defines development objectives in terms of social and environmental responsibility. The commitments include key aspects of the CSR approach (human rights, labour relations and conditions, the environment, social integration, ethics and personnel, good business practices, ...). The policy aims to improve labour welfare on a continuous basis. It is also committed to incorporating products that follow the COSMOS and RSPO standards, thus ensuring compliance with more respectful regulations in terms of sustainability.

The Manual of SGI has been developed under the direction and with the full support of Management. All details of the SGI are described in the Manual, Documented Procedures and Work Instructions. 

Management approves and confirms all such documentation and notifies all staff of the obligation to follow all instructions arising from this process to provide the best possible quality assurance.

The final responsibility for compliance with the Policy lies with Management, which guarantees the human, technical and economic resources necessary to apply it.