The most important sector for Grupo Plimon is Cosmetics, which exceeds 50% of total business, followed by the Food sector

They are classified into Operational and Subsidiaries.


Distribution of chemicals, auxiliaries and ingredients for industrial purposes.
PLIMON both represents products exclusively and works with products acquired in the open market.

Textron Técnica
Produces raw materials and specialities, mainly for the Cosmetic, Food and Pharmaceutical sectors.
Plimon, Textron Logos

GP Textron USA, Inc. (USA) | GP Global USA, Inc. (USA) | GP Textron, KK. (JAPAN)
GP Textron, Pvt. Ltd. (INDIA) | GP Textron, Srl. (ITALY)

Our main brands

– ACNIBIO® is a registered trademark covering a range of biocides for use mainly in cosmetics.

– TRELIN® biocides are marketed for other sectors including paints, varnishes, paper, plastic, wood, glues, adhesives, cement, ceramics, pigments, dyes and detergents.

– EVOIL® is used in processed vegetable oils for specific personal care products.