GRUPO PLIMON is actively involved in making sure that all the organizations that we collaborate with are committed to improve their respective communities. We enforce an annual plan, continuously keep communication and follow up any development to make our community better in any way possible. To this purpose, we source, when possible, from small sized cooperatives or farmers who are marginalized in the regions where the seeds or oils are produced.

At GRUPO PLIMON we are fully committed and strongly believe Fair Trade revenue should remain entirely in the agriculture community and therefore not in third party certifying agencies which only generate an additional expense.
GRUPO PLIMON has a Fair-Trade policy implemented for its raw material selection and manufacturing processes. This policy includes the compliance with in-force legislations concerning:

– Democracy, participation and transparency
– Non-discrimination
– Environmental protection
– Standards on labour conditions
– Forced labour / child labour
– Freedom of association & collective bargaining
– Conditions of employment
– Occupational health & safety